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Zen Salade 

Wild rice, chickpeas, cherry tomato, radish, cucumber, red onions, lucerne jets, chives

Falafel balls with quinoa 

Falafel balls with quinoa in 3 colors mixed with vegetables, tomato sauce

Spaghettis végétarian

 Spaghetti with Tomato saucen onions ans quorn, baby vegetables, grated cheese

             Escalope a la Grecque      

Escalope with zucchini or spinach, onion, tomatoes, red peppers, leek, cheese, paprika, turmeric, parsley, black olives, egg white, garlic, oregano , rosemary, black pepper, peas. Pasta and provencal sauce with vegetables

Cannelloni ricotta and spinach Provençal style

 Pasta rolls stuffed with ricotta and spinach topped with Provencal sauce and vegetables, cheese. All slightly gratinated

Thuna peach

A peach cut in half with tuna mayonnaise and a mixed salad, grated carrots, pickles, onions, tricolor sprouts, nuts, cheese carpaccio, wood fruits, chives, vinaigrette sauce


Roullades of Aubergines 

Pastacoiled withricotta,Of theeggplants,spinach. All topped with Provençal sauce and cheese and gratin

            Summer salad

Compoundalade, grated carrots, pickles, onions, tricolour sprouts, nuts, cheese carpaccio, wood fruits, chives, vinaigrette


Traditional Meatballs

Meatballs prepared with liège sauce (baby onions and cork syrup sauce) served with mashed potatoes


Chicken fillet, chicken pestle, white background, chicken stock, white wine, baby vegetables, potatoes, spices

Classic Lasagna

 Pasta with lasagna leaves coated layer by layer bechamel sauce Bolognese minced pork and veal, cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg, grated cheese. All is au gratin

White Sausage

Traditional white or black sausage with mashed potatoes and applesauce

Chicken with curry and vegetables

Slightly pan-fried tender chicken fillet with sweet curry sauce and small diced vegetables with vegetables of the day and rice

 Green lasagna 

Spinach lasagna leaf pasta topped layer by layer of béchamel, beefy sauce of haché pork and veal, spinach, cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg, grated cheese. The whole thing is gratinated

Flemish Carbonnades 

Tender pieces of beef cooked in brown beer sauce, pears in cork syrup and potatoes

          Pain de veau a l'oignon 

Chopped pork and veal, breadcrumbs, brown stock, water, salt, pepper, ognons, cooking juices

 Our priority is to ensure the quantity suffices clients needs that is why the portions are generous. Between 500-600 Gr


All dishes may contain one or more of the following allergens: Wheat; Gluten; peanuts; Hazelnut; Sesame seeds; Celery, soy; Milk; eggs; Mustard; Lupine; Mollusc; Shellfish; Fish; Sulfur dioxide. The dishes may also contain food additives, pork, alcohol and / or other substances that may not be suitable for pregnant women or people with specific dietary needs. For questions about allergens or other specific dishes, please contact the caterer directly.


All ingredients are 100% fresh and do no colorants are added to the meals

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