Plans and Pricing

please select your meals plan 

Choose your Box 

Choose between the vegetarian and omnivore or both if you would like  a mix of both all meals are at 9.50 

Every meal is per person, and contains 500g/ portion if you are 2 people select 2X the meal. Same if you are 3 people just select 3X the selected meal


Vegetarian Box

The vegetarian selection meals are all 100% natural meals made in the morning to be delivered Monday Evening once a week

9,50/ meal    |   3 meals minimum

Omnivore Box

The Omnivore meals is perfect for meat lovers. From chicken to pork. There are all type of good healthy foods.

9,50/ meal     |    3 meals minimum



Vegetarian and Omnivore Box

A selection of both meat and vegetables for healthy eat lovers 

9,50/ meal      |    3 meals minimum


coming soon

Coming soon

coming soon

9,50/ meal



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